80th Birthday Ceremony & Celebration of SatGurunath at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram


Drawn by the magnetic pull of the Himalayan Master, seekers traveled from afar to the Siddhanath Forest Ashram, nestled in the valley of Simhagarh, to celebrate the 80th birthday ceremony of their beloved Master. The Mother Center vibrated with calmness and serenity; and inner peace, healing and tranquility was experienced effortlessly on reaching this Tapoboomi, the abode of SatGurunath.

Disciples began arriving two days prior to the event with great enthusiasm. Despite the scorching heat of the summer sun, Hamsas reached the ashram walking their way with love and endurance.

On the following day, as the morning sun lit the blue skies with hues of gold, the ashram bustled with Hamsas spread around practicing the Surya Yoga technique, while others peacefully meditated inside the Earth Peace temple. This temple houses the world’s largest solid akhand, or mercury Shivalinga. Meditating in the radiance of this Shivalinga is a divine opportunity for seekers to rejuvenate and transform their own self.

As the day progressed, Hamsas enjoyed a hearty lunch amidst the torrid summer heat. The Hamsas further had a blessed time when SatGurunath graced all with his darshan followed by a blissful goshti (spiritual chat from a guru) session. The thrill heightened as the winds blew, clouds roared with loud thunder and there was a heavy downpour. The fresh aroma of mother earth soaked in rain waters penetrated deeply into our souls, leaving a joyous realization of the divine grace being showered by the Master, towards whom deepest gratitude was humbly offered. As the evening embraced the night sky, the Hamsas finished decorating the ashram and planning for the special day.

As the first light of dawn touched early morning skies, the most awaited and auspicious 80th birthday celebration began with the Laghu-Rudrabhishek poojan. The pandits arrived at the Earth Peace temple and prepared for poojan in the the beautifully decorated sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

All Hamsas gathered near the Annapurna mandir which was adorned with beautiful flower hangings, hand painted earthen pots and lights. We awaited the blissful arrival of SatGurunath accompanied by the entire Guru-pariwar. The Hamsas were divided in small groups and guided to enter the temple in batches to witness the grand abhishekam. The pandits began the recitation of sacred slokas, and SatGurunath commenced with the abhishek of the Paradeshwar Shivalinga. The entire sanctum sanctorum vibrated with an outburst of profound divine energy which enveloped the premises, immersing each one in this divine energy.

At lunch, a sumptuous meal was first served to the married women present at the ashram and auspicious gifts were lovingly offered to them; this was a part of the Suhasini-poojan ritual conducted by our beloved Guruma. Later on, the remaining Hamsas also joined to savor the delicious lunch.

Simultaneously, the Sahastra Chandra darshan poojan and havan ceremony began at the Annapurna temple. With sacred loud chants echoing in the divine environs of the ashram, this ritual was solemnized by SatGurunath and his entire family.

The sacred havan smoke rose from the havan-kund, filling the area with its unique fragrance, and all the Hamsas were seated to witness these enchanting moments in the divine surroundings. The havan was then followed by the sacred abhishek of the Rudravatar – YogirajSatGurunath Siddhanath, which was lovingly commenced by his eldest son, Yogi Shivraj-ji who was accompanied by the entire family. This ceremony filled each one present with a sense of awe. It was so mesmerizing that I felt even God and divine beings from heaven would wish to witness this event!

At twilight, the sanga was blessed with a warm and loving welcome from Yogi Shivraj-ji at the beautifully decorated Nath Mandal. This was followed by the collective divine chanting by the Hamsas. Opening their heart chakras, Hamsas awaited the arrival of SatGurunath. A special sacred aarti thaali was lit with beautifully decorated 81 diyas (lights), and the family offered a divine aarti ceremony to Satgurunath which was followed by the cake cutting ceremony. Everyone finally settled with deep gratitude for the long awaited divine satsang, with the Presence – Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath. Each moment quenched the soul of all present there, further deepening the connection with the inner self. As the satsang progressed, everyone’s minds melted and dissolved into a no-mind state, blessed with the divine sharing of his samadhi experience.

When the satsang ended, all gathered at the dining area for food prayers, and some Hamsas lovingly offered gifts to SatGurunath while others relished the piping hot food. As the night deepened, we reminisced on this divine occasion and each one felt fortunate to have seized the opportunity to be a part of this blissful ceremony.

At dawn the next day, everyone bid goodbye to SatGurunath. Blessed with enriching transformative experiences and the warmth of divine love treasured deep in our hearts, the Hamsas set their footsteps back home leaving the Mother Center, Siddhanath Forest Ashram, the abode of SatGurunath with a heavy heart but a strong commitment to walk on his guided path.

~ A Hamsa


By Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

Wild flowers so fresh in life
Breeze through alleys of my mind
Fragrancing memories of the past
In mountain lakes reflections cast

In wooded valleys berries crushed
The flavor of the mystic musk
Within me did old memories rise
Devotions to the sunset skies

Forest aroma deep in damp
Wild smell of the wooded pines
Oh! the déjà vu of jungle times
Of long past meditations lives

Where in sylvan bowers I sat
Not in this world nor in that
Just in the joy of Selfing mirth
The odor of the fragrant earth!

My mind a laughing gurgling stream
Running the bedrocks mossy green
Becomes a calm meandering dream
Flowing into Myself serene

My melting mind a flowing stream
Entered the rainbow ocean light
There was no fear nor sorrows night
Except awareness and delight

How long I sat there no one knows
The eventide its shadows cast
In many a sunrise rays I basked
No one came nor ever asked

The trivial round the common task
Meditation then to me became
A natural mind in tune so tame
Transcending frivolous name and fame

Just being quiet was so good
A lying log, a forest wood
Moving with the natural breeze
Amidst the deep dark forest trees

With body dead consciousness live
Expanding in eternal skies
Beyond mayas conditioned dream
The self merging in Self supreme.

Martial Spirit (Martial: Latin martialis, from Mars)

By Ronald Paul Wiskup II

Satgurunath Yogiraj Siddhanath refers to the ego as the anti-Christ which wants to end the Christ within. I know of no more profound truth that necessitates the cultivation and application of spiritual warriorship. Shiva Puranam speaks of the intensity of Lord Shiva’s trance atop Mt. Kailash which caused drops of perspiration (Latin from per- ‘through’ + spirare ‘breathe) to rain upon mother earth, providing birth to the divine child, Bhaum (Mars). Yogiraj has revealed that we can accelerate our spiritual evolution by the factor of intensity. Thus through the precipitation of perseverance, we can kindle the flame of martial spirit within and incinerate the stain of ego.

I find it noteworthy that since meeting Yogiraj and being initiated into Kundalini Kriya Yoga, I have since returned to the practice of martial arts. My first foray into the study of Ninjutsu began as a teenager before I left for military service. Training in the garage and backyard of my buyu (martial friend) as we practiced the ways of the Bujinkan (Hall of the Divine Warrior) and the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi sensei, the 34th grandmaster or soke of Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu.

Whilst many in this pursuit find higher precepts through the fighting arts, I first sought the spiritual mysteries and was reminded of its martial roots during a particularly volatile time in my Kriya practice.  This playing out of fate would eventually place my throat beneath the sword and demand of me a commitment. When I had returned home from the Air Force, I re-connected with my friend who was now a 4th Dan rank in the Bujinkan and picked up training a second time. However, this didn’t last. I was soon immersed in myriad worldly diversions and my training faded away. There was no advancement.

Marshalled by the ethereal force of Satgurunath Yogiraj Siddhanath’s poetry, I would eventually come to know him as my master several years later. The sound frequencies he emitted so eloquently resonated within me and awoke my heart. Sealed by my decision to see him in person, the universe conspired for me to attend the 2015 New Life Awakening Retreat in the Catskill Mountains. Since being in his physical presence, I continued to make efforts towards more profound practice sessions. Then, this past December I had an urge to reach out again to my friend in the Bujinkan. As the façade of the outer world began to peel off, I was struggling to maintain any kind of footing in everyday life. Next thing I know, I was flat on my back against the dojo asana with a cold metal sword protruding into my neck. Ah, it was nice to see my buyu again! The message of the warrior ancestors was clear “Are you ready to take it seriously this time?”

Extreme fluctuations in my personal Kriya practice had caused me to endure periods of doubt, delays in practicing and my own ignorance induced traumas. Bruised but not beaten by the incessant sway of ego induced suffering, I understood that I must heal myself with the fixed practice of Kriya Yog and come to know my immovable spirit. Yogiraj’s words hearkened, “Practice and perseverance are the magic of success, and unless you fall in love with your practice you will not know its value.”

The synchronistic timing of my experiences has brought this lesson to light. The essence of Yogiraj’s wisdom and the philosophy of Ninpō are distilled to the same elixir for success. As our master has spoken: “You can never meet God. How can you meet him? You don’t know his whereabouts, you don’t know his address. But God is going to meet you. He is in search of you constantly, and when you are ready he will meet you. Practice will make you ready. Perseverance will make you perfect. So carry these two mantras with you: Practice and Perseverance. Let these two be the goals. Let your whole life revolve around them, and very soon you will be empty. Then God will pour into you.”

These paramount amalgamations so too reverberate within the halls of the Bujin. Hatsumi sensei tells in his book The Way of the Ninja, “I could hear Sensei’s (Toshitsugu Takamatsu) words still echoing in my ears— The true essence of the martial ways lies in virtue, Martial arts are a path for perfecting yourself as a human being. Perfection demands persistence, and there is also a secret teaching in which perfection is mentioned with reference to seven lights, i.e. — the colors of a rainbow.” How fascinating when we consider the goals Yogiraj has transmitted and knowing that he has also made reference to Divya deha, an immaculate body of rainbow colored light free from the ravages of time, for uninterrupted communion with God.

Yogiraj belabors the vital-ness of both Hatha and Raja (Royal) Yog and in Wings to Freedom he resounds: “To neglect the needs of bodily health is to falsify the eternal doctrine of the unity of all and the divinity of all.” During times of agitation when I am unable to sit for meditation, the physical aspect of martial arts training has helped me balance hormonal and psychic energies. Hence, the twin flames of practice and perseverance intertwine along axis of Kriya Yog both in meditation and daily activity, heaving us up through the heavens.

The day after I began writing this essay for the Siddhanath Newsletter, my sensei awarded me the beginner rank of Green Belt in Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu. During this same session the mechanisms of Karma blessed me with a blackened eye. I was happy to have this mitigated and memorable experience, teaching me to always pay attention! In Japan, the word Ninja is written as Shinobi no Mono. This symbolic ideogram consists of kanji (characters) depicting a sword held over the heart. The word Nin is translated as endurance or perseverance. A quote from Masaaki Hatsumi sensei informs (Latin informare: shape in- ‘into’ + forma ‘a form) those of us engaged in Budo to “Breathe life into the weapon, don’t take life away from it. Keep walking, because walking is life.” With the Hamsa breath, given by Yogiraj, over time I begin breathing less and less of me and more and more God. There’s also something about bearing a stainless steel sword over my heart that cures all depression and connects me with source!

Yogiraj directs us to be the architect of our own happiness through the secret science of breath. Thus, as we clash within the mental coliseum of delusion, illusion and error; let us draw forth Shinmyo Ken, the sword of divine mystery. With the sword of concentrated breath, eviscerate the dis-ease of samsara (repetitive history) and shine in the victorious light of the unconquerable soul.

Ronald Paul Wiskup II was born with the Sun in Aries and is the author of  “The Face on Mars is in the Mirror”, an original collection of occult poetry. He enjoys aviation, acting, playing ice hockey and scuba diving. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

An Ocean of Divine Healing Energy at Carlsbad

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to participate in something that not only transforms us individually but also has the potential to create ripples of change throughout the world. This unique event combines the powerful energies of the sun and the ocean with the loving, healing presence of Yogiraj, creating a potent synergy that can unlock our inner light and connect us to the mysteries and love within and around us.

Testimonies from previous attendees of the Carlsbad retreats reveal that the energy levels are significantly amplified by the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. Many participants have experienced profound spiritual and emotional healings during these retreats, finding the oceanfront setting particularly conducive to heightened energy and transformation. Over the past few years, the Carlsbad retreat has become renowned for its remarkable ability to facilitate deep healing and personal growth.

This year, the oceanfront location in Carlsbad is poised to be the most powerful and emotionally moving event of Yogiraj’s tour. Participants will share an oceanfront meditation on the beach with Yogiraj, where his healing transmissions will focus specifically on the chakras, easing and clearing emotional suffering. In today’s world, marked by social disharmony and widespread anger, balancing and clearing our chakras is essential not only for our mental and emotional well-being but also for our spiritual growth.

Yogiraj’s healing energies will particularly target the second chakra, or Svadhisthana. When this chakra is unbalanced, it can lead to feelings of disconnection, emotional instability, heightened fears of change, blocked creativity, and depression. However, when Svadhisthana is in balance, we experience sensations of wellness, pleasure, gratitude, and joy, along with improved physical and emotional health. The elemental nature of the second chakra is water, making the oceanfront setting in Carlsbad ideal for this powerful healing work.

During this special meditation and transmission, Yogiraj will harness the elemental energy of the vast ocean, focusing this potent healing force on each participant. His personally tailored transmissions promise to be a transformative experience, offering a profound opportunity for true healing. This retreat is a chance to change your life’s focus and direction, to heal in the presence of a Master, and to experience a deep connection with the healing energies of nature and divine love.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to be part of an ocean of Divine Healing Energy at Carlsbad that can profoundly change your life and contribute to the collective healing of our world. Join us at Carlsbad for a retreat that promises to be an unforgettable journey into the depths of your own soul, guided by the loving energy of Yogiraj and the timeless, healing presence of the ocean.

Enlightenment: Subjective vs. Objective

The Awakening of Kundalini through the Presence of a True Master: Yogiraj Siddhanath

“The Guru is the eternal witness who visualizes the speed of your evolution and can tell where you are at.”


Shiva’s Fire

Shiva’s Fire

Filmed during the Himalayan Retreat, February 2011 “Fire is a very spiritual thing in India, it is known as the messenger of the Gods also. Why do we have the fire ceremony? …Not only does the fire purify you, the fire takes your purified words to God”

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