The sun was shining its gentle morning rays as we picked up leaves and cleaned the ashram grounds. Nature’s music – the sound of rustling trees and the cows chewing the grass – surrounded us, and the fresh air filled our lungs. What another beautiful morning it was, and for efficiency’s sake I was using two brooms to clean. When I had first come to the ashram and greeted Gurunath, he said that we had arrived just in time to pick up the leaves and clean. With this at the forefront of my mind, I pushed my arms to the brink of their strength to continuously sweep vigorously, a broom in each hand, ignoring my asthma and any fatigue. Daily, we continued to joyfully help clean the ashram grounds, breathing in the clean air as we did seva.

One day during a satsang, Gurunath was imparting the grace of Pranapat (breathing his spiritual prana through our breath in our spinal cord), when he told us that we could put our arms back to stretch. As I did this, I felt a tingling on my upper back. The tingling was so condensed and concentrated that it felt like a hand was placed on my back. Afterwards, I breathed in normally and felt an expansiveness in my chest, to a point not previously possible without Gurunath’s grace of Pranapat. I had suffered from asthma since I was a child. However, it felt as if this limitation was gone as there was no constriction in my breathing.

After the satsang was over I tested my breathing by running around the ashram grounds, and my breathing remained steady. Later that day I went swimming, and I could swim the length of the pool without coming up for air! All these things were not previously possible. With extreme gratitude in my heart, I thanked Gurunath when we were walking together on a path with others. He said it had helped to breathe in the medicinal fresh air of the ashram while I swept so vigorously, and that my asthma being alleviated shows the anti-aging benefits of being there.

Since then, I have not had to use my inhalers at all. In the past, I used a preventive inhaler daily, a rescue inhaler several times a week, and a nebulizer during particularly bad asthma attacks. I had prayed to Gurunath to help alleviate my asthma, as it had sometimes interfered with my sadhana in doing the Kriya breath. With Gurunath’s blessings this obstacle has been removed.

Jai SatGurunath! Thank you SatGurunath for your ever-present Presence in our lives. Eternal victory to Gurunath, his compassion and mercy overflows from his smiling eyes.

With love from a devoted disciple

2012 – Conversations with Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga Master Yogiraj Siddhanath

Shiva Gorakshanath Babaji

2012 – Conversations with Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga Master Yogiraj Siddhanath

Interview by Joseph McDonald, with editorial contributions from Abhiraj D. and Mark D.

Our guest today, June 6, 2011, is Master Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath, who we are extremely blessed to spend time with. Yogiraj Siddhanath is a Kriya Yoga Master from the ancient Indian Nath lineage, Householder Kriya Yogi, UN keynote speaker, and author of numerous acclaimed books and the award-winning DVD, “Wings to Freedom.” A Master is one who has tamed the mental storm, and Yogiraj has done so. Living 24 hours in a state of super-conscious bliss, Yogiraj has made his mind subservient to his natural “no-mind” Awareness, and teaches his yoga and meditation methods to help ordinary people master their own minds while carrying on work and family duties.

Vision Magazine: I want to start off by saying, I read, (and now listen to) your book, “Wings to Freedom.” So many questions about our existence are addressed in your book. Downloading the audio version of your book gave me unexpected benefits. I feel energized each time I listen to you as you narrate your story. I also noticed when I watch your videos on I see light coming into my room! It is really magical! It is amazing that people can receive your spiritual transmission via technology. Could you comment on how modern day technology is used to transmit spiritual Shakti?

Yogiraj: Well, my endeavor has always been to transmit spiritual energy which they call Shaktipat (Transmission of Kundalini) and Pranapat (Breath) and Shivapat (Transmission of Soul Consciousness) through the media, whether that be electronic or otherwise. I am able to partially accomplish this by raising my Kundalini energy and projecting it as a life-force, as a healing energy through my voice via the television or the telephone. If my voice can transmit life-force energy called Prana and healing energy through electronic media and to the people, this would be a great service to humanity and I would be very honored to be a server of humanity in this way. And by God’s grace, it appears to be working.

VM: Since we are discussing technology and spirituality, I will continue to ask some more science related questions. Modern science tends to explore fundamental energy (like dark matter) using costly external endeavors (such as multibillion dollar particle-accelerators). Do spiritual masters have access and control over these energies and are there ways to access these energies through internal means?

Yogiraj: These energies and this dark matter are still in a hypothetical stage and there is no conclusive proof yet, and so we are all making progress in our endeavor to unravel the mysteries of the universe. I have written about this in my new book called “Babaji, the Lightening Standing Still.” In the Appendix, I have written what is called “The Doctrine of the Divine I,” where I speak of gravity—Gurutva-Akarshan as the Supreme Guru—and by how by the power of gravity we can unravel the mysteries of the Universe. To bridge the gap between the subtlest matter (light) and consciousness, and because there is a huge quantum leap between light and consciousness, I have used the terminology called the Lightless-Light, which is really the descending consciousness. Lightless-Light is the ascent of light which meets the descent of a grosser consciousness, thus bridging the gap.

I have also mentioned the center of the black hole, which Indian Yogis discovered thousands of years ago and talked about as the Krishna Vivar, that is, the dark vortex or the Mahankal, which is the great beyond time and an epithet for Lord Shiva. As you go into this intense mystical vortex, you go into what is called the Nagna Satya or the Naked Truth, which is equivalent to the Singularity. Meditating Yogis have found that Singularity in their minds; as they go into such a peak concentration of the in-depth phenomena, there shines in the intensest darkness, a Star of Lightless-Light. What is this light which appears when matter and light and causation and time have been swallowed up by the Mahankal or the black hole? This is called the Lightless-Light or the Alakh Niranjan, and this is the star which shines as the Lightless-Light which gives liberation and salvation to the whole universe and to the Gods, to the Trinity on a cosmic scale [Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva or Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost]. This star of Lightless-Light happens in the individual Self in the third eye and gives enlightenment to the individual just as the cosmic Lightless-Light in the center of the black hole gives liberation to our Trinity of the Creator Brahma, the Preserver Vishnu, and the final dissolving truth, Shiva. Just as the scientists mention dark matter, I mention the Lightless-Light, and I would like you to read through this sometime when you get an opportunity. I have given through my talk on YouTube (, the scientific explanation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Trinity in the Indian religion of Sanatana Dharma [also called Hinduism].

So this is what I’m working on. Scientists have also been working. I have experienced certain of these stages. I do not have billion dollar laboratories to work with, but we have the laboratory of our own body in which we can work and get an experience through our intense inward journey and concentration and meditation. I’m sure that modern science with its external objective approach, and Indian Yogis and Yogic Science with their internal subjective approach will someday reach the same truth. But let me tell you, this is still not a subject of intellectual discussion or speculation. This is a subject of personal experience.

VM: By practicing Kriya Yoga?

Yogiraj: Yes, by practicing Kriya Yoga, stilling the breath and going into an inward ecstasy of expanded consciousness, then intensifying that consciousness to be stiller than stillness itself, until you see a rising star within your innermost being which cannot be described, as it’s ineffable. And when you penetrate that star of Lightless-Light, then you are in the Supreme Reality of Everywhere and the Nowhere.

VM: Most people understand our Sun is the source of life on our planet. Recent studies show that humans are directly connected to the Sun and Sunlight can affect our DNA. Does the Sun have consciousness which is able to influence mankind?

Yogiraj: Well from my side, being from the land of India, we have great mantras and we have Shlokas (verses) in praise of the Sun—and He is definitely a very potent force. We believe in India that the Sun has an informing Spirit, and the informing Spirit goes by the name of Vivaswat, and He informs the spirit of our Sun. He is variously called Agni, Kashyap, Aditya, Vivaswat, Surya, Bhaskar, Arka, [and] Dinkara, and He is the Supreme God, we believe, of our Solar System. He rides in a chariot throne of fire, and I’ve explained to people and clarified that it is He, Lord Vivaswat—the Sun—who truly lights the Markaba. (Markaba means, The Moving Throne of Light or the Chariot Throne of Fire. And the Sun rides this chariot across the heavens through the Signs of the Zodiac, taking with him his family of all the planets.)

We also believe that not only the Sun, but all of the planets have an informing Spirit of their own; otherwise it is not likely that these planets, along, most importantly, with the Sun, would affect the affairs of humankind and all other things in the Solar System.
Once a person asked me a question: “How do you say the planets and the stars affect the affairs of men and how are we connected with them?” So I gave him an example. I said, “Do you believe that the high tide and the low tide are affected by the moon?” And he said, “Yes, of course, it’s a known scientific fact that the Moon governs the high tides and low tides in the ocean.” So I told him that means the Moon is affecting the fluid of this earth. So he said, “Yes.” I asked him a question: “How much percent fluid does a human body have in it?” So he said, “80 percent.” [Laughing] So I said, “There you are, just like the Moon is affecting the fluid in the body, the Sun is affecting the life force energy that we call the Prana in the human body, by virtue of which we live and move and have our being. We are all floating in the plasma of the Sun. It is the soup of the Sun and his magnetic radiance, and no human being, mortal or even Devas, can live without sustaining themselves from his divine magnetic and electromagnetic energy.”

It’s not only a scientific fact, but an age-old belief in India, [and] we have all these praises to the Sun. I myself have cultivated and developed a technique called Siddhanath Surya Yoga in which I have created a technique of absorbing the spiritual vitality of the Sun. I have this poem called an “Ode to the Surya” in my book, “Dewdrops of the Soul,” in which I have said “Drink ‘O’ drink thee Sun of Life, Thy roaring radiance rinse me through…” Such is the power of the Sun that he not only gives you nourishment, Prana, and life energy, but he makes you divine and knowing and radiant like himself.

VM: In Sri Yukteshwar’s book, “The Holy Science,” he mentions that our Sun is a part of a binary star system. Research into this theory is being conducted by the Binary Research Institute. Do you think the companion star of our Sun affects our planets in our solar system and will be played out more in the upcoming years?

Yogiraj: This star is approximately 250 million to 300 million years from our planet and now the time is coming for the 300 million [year] cycle to be completed. This is the reign of one spiritual king of 300 million years. Sri Yukteshwar is one such Manu. In a day of Brahma, there are 14 such cycles where a World King [and] a Spiritual King rule for 300 million years each.
Fourteen such periods of 300 million years each comprise the periods of 14 such Manus which compose one day of Brahma, our Creator, which is 4 billion, 320 million years. The duration of our Creation—which is 311 trillion, 120 billion, 420 million years—is the great Indian Calendar. And Mayans definitely learnt from the Indians. They were taught by the great Indian Yogi Bhog-Nath who was later known as Bogar-Nath. He went to South America and taught not only the Mayans, but the Aztecs, and all the people there. And he transported himself astrally, by spiritual light.

Now, let me get back to the question of the Star. The Binary Star is situated in the constellation Pleiades, and the name of the star is Magayanti. So, the companion star of our Sun is Magayanti. And these binary stars, when they contact or circulate, that is, when they cross certain points in their movement in Deep Space, they create a certain change. That point depicts a certain change of time, a change of spiritual guard from one Ascended Master to another Ascended Master, like our Lord Vaivaswat Manu [who] has completed 300 million years of evolving many world cycles and humanities. And now he will hand over the charge from 250 to 300 Million years—giving that [50 million years] time of transition—to the next World King or Manu Savarni who, according to me, is none other than Sri Yukteshwar—the Gyan Avatar, Sri Yukteshwar. So this change will also involve the handing over of the charge of World Teacher from Kalki Maitreya to the Yoga Avatar, Lahiri Mahasaya.

 VM: Throughout history many cultures speak of times they were visited from extraterrestrials. Many lost civilizations, like the Mayans, say that these visitors will one day return. For the first time in US history, the FBI and NASA have released classified documents to the public regarding the UFO phenomena. UFO reports worldwide are at an all-time high. Has there been an interaction between these visitors and primitive man? If so, how have these visitors influenced mankind spiritually, and do you believe they will return any time soon.

Yogiraj: You see, there is a difference in interpretation between the Eastern thought from India and modern contemporary thought from the New Age, which is coming up in places like Europe and America. But let me tell you, our relationship with what you call the aliens is “as old as the hills.”

We call them Avatars, divine descent—all these great people like the Christ, the Krishna, Zarathustra who, in your Western terminology, may be called aliens and who, in our Eastern terminology, are called our Solar and Lunar ancestors who went before us in robes of light, evolving before us. They had evolved thousands of billions of years before us into their own Supreme Godhood through our divine solar orb. And now with their compassion, they have come back to assist on the earth with [their] spiritual evolution. Call them Avatars, or call them aliens, call them Messiahs, call them Saviors of Mankind. If I were to be a Master of that stature, I would be a descending Avatar and I will be an alien to you. But “alien” is a word of the ignorant. They’re not called aliens. They are closer to us than our Mind is closer to our Bodies; they’re called “Your very own,” for they are the Breath of your breath, the Blood of your blood, the Spirit of your Soul; such Lords are they. Amen.

After 2012 when aliens have become prominent and they start their work, then it will also be proved that they are not aliens but they are their very own. You cannot alienate something that has evolved us to our present state.

VM: I remember from one of your talks last year you said, “Don’t expire before 2012 transpires” [Laughter from Yogiraj]; is there something exciting on the horizon we should look forward to?

Yogiraj: [laughter] In America, you will see in certain houses where there are hikers and campers—if you look in their houses in the cellar—emergency equipment, for an emergency habitat. It has clothes, first aid kits, dehydrated food, torch lights, and all essential things. And should there be an emergency of an earthquake, or moving of the tectonic plate, they would just pick up that kit and leave the house. They keep this ready as a second life, a back-up system as they call it. So the back-up for 2012, as I have said, is to ingest more light.

This light from the Sun will save you from all cataclysms and all holocausts. Holocausts are human and cataclysms are natural or geographic. Therefore, I advise them to do Surya Yoga, which I have evolved, to ingest more light to avert a crisis, and also to do more Agni Yoga (the Fire Yoga). The Fire Yoga consists of Kriya Yoga, which is the Prana Apana Yagya (Yogic Fire Rite). I thus informed all of everything that you need to do so as not to expire before, during, or after 2012. Not to expire before 2012 transpires. [laughter]

VM: According to your book, “Wings to Freedom,” you attended a Catholic school where you studied the New Testament and Jesus Christ’s teachings. Many people are concerned about the “end of days” and “Judgment Day.” What are your feelings surrounding “Judgment Day,” and are we at the “end of days?”

Yogiraj: I will explain to you first my thought and then I will tell you Jesus’ thought. I feel that it is pointless to worry about that which is not in your control. It is an exercise in futility to fret and fume over results or rewards that you are going to get for your deeds over which you have no control, because if worry could solve the problem, then worry the whole day, but if meditation and Kriya Yoga can solve the problem, which it can, then do Kriya Yoga.

Now what Jesus meant by the Judgment Day was that when the earth is in imbalance in its activities—physical, emotional, and mental—the Messiah always descends to correct the imbalance and to balance these activities by giving people the just retribution and meting out the proper justice.

And this retribution that will be given is for all deeds. Men suffer due to bad deeds and men enjoy if they have done good deeds. Thus, if they have done good deeds, they will enjoy the fruits thereof, and Jesus will be the dispenser of those fruits; and if they have done bad deeds, they will regret it and suffer for those bad deeds of which the Christ consciousness shall also be the dispenser. When I say Jesus, it is not actually Jesus; it is the Christ consciousness which is the real universal principle in the Christ. Jesus is the man and Christ is the divinity which pervades in love and justice for the whole world. So I’m talking about the Christ consciousness—the Second Advent of Christ. You don’t say the Second Advent of Jesus, you say the Second Advent of Christ. Jesus may also be also one of the ascended masters who has to obey the Christ, and at His behest, perform certain duties with the other great masters of the world. So, by Judgment Day we mean meting out the proper justice that each of us deserves.

VM: What is Karma? And does the system of Kriya Yoga affect individual and collective Karma?

Yogiraj: Yes, now individual Karma is for individual evolution. It is the law of retribution; your individual present explains your individual past—to each one is allotted his exact and proper task. To the Truth is Truth begot, the Liar gets his own, so do such actions whose reactions you don’t moan. This is Karma.

Now, the coming of the Christ is not to do with individual Karma—it’s too slow—but for the world Karma. To speed the World Disciple on his evolutionary path, he has to come collectively and mete out justice to thousands and millions and billions of people, and this is why the Second Advent of Christ is necessary. It’s not individual Karma that the Christ is dealing with. It is the world Karma that the Kalki Avatar or the Christ or Krishna will be dealing with, and that is Judgment Day. It is a collective meting out of justice to the billions of people in the world. That is what the Second Advent of the Christ and Judgment Day is about.

VM: Is the Kriya Yoga you teach the same practice as the one taught by Swami Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship?

Yogiraj: The Kriya Yoga is the same as taught by Paramahamsa Yogananda to his Indian disciples, some who are in the Himalayas, some who are in Rishikesh and Badrinath. The Kriya Yoga taught by Yogananda to the West and to America is the same, but I feel that it is diluted greatly and its dilution shall be sharpened when people come to India and learn the true techniques. The techniques of Paramahamsa Yogananda compared to the techniques of Sri Yukteshwar and Lahiri Mahasaya seem to be of the same type. The difference is that they are just milder; the difference is in degree and intensity of practice, not in kind. So, there is harmony between the techniques of Paramahamsa Yogananda, Sri Yukteshwar who is his Guru, and Sri Yukteshwar’s Guru Lahiri Mahasaya who got it directly from Babaji in the autumn of 1861.

VM: Will every human soul be liberated from Earth?

Yogiraj: Liberation is a relative term. When a plant evolves to become an animal it is liberated. When an animal evolves to become a man, it is liberated. When a man evolves to an angel, it is liberated. When an angel evolves into a god, one in God, he is liberated.
Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Mission and a Message to Humanity from Babaji, the greatest spiritual Master of all Time

VM: What is the message of the Masters of Himalayan Yoga to the world? Do they have a mission here?

Yogiraj: The mission of the ascended masters and even higher masters is Evolution. And here is their message to humanity. Love included, compassion included, and wisdom included, the masters to Humanity and to the World Disciples say the following words: “I am the Sun, you are my Ray, you must become the Whole, by ceaseless Kriya practice, I your Spirit shall unfold; the Ray becomes the blazing Sun, yourself as Me Behold. Om Namaha Shivaya!” This is the message of the Greatest Initiate and Divine Being of all time—Shiva Gorakshanath Babaji to Humanity and the World Disciple at Large.

VM: Is Babaji, whom you experience and have written about, the same Babaji that is spoken about in Swami Yogananda’s book, “Autobiography of a Yogi?”

Yogiraj: Yes, and to further elucidate on this truth on Shiva Goraksha Babaji, I have written a book called “Babaji, the Lightning Standing Still,” where I describe all of his holographic dimensions and inner dimensions, about the terrestrial Babaji, the celestial Babaji, the cosmic Babaji, and the infinite Babaji, which is a must-read for in-depth seekers of truth.

VM: When will it become available to the public?

Yogiraj: In about four month’s time. [Release month is October 2011.]

VM: Will you be narrating this book as you did “Wings to Freedom” so it will be available as an audio book?

 Yogiraj: I definitely will. The electronic media is vital to the spreading of the message of the evolution of human consciousness—flooding the heart with love, so that humanity can live in peaceful coexistence.

Yogiraj’s Southern California Tour will start on July 30 and 31 in San Diego and continue on in Los Angeles on August 6, 12, and 13. The programs will include Healing Experiential Satsang Workshops followed next day by Kriya Yoga Empowerment workshops. In the Satsangs, Yogiraj will impart a direct experience of a Still Mind Awareness of Peace and Bliss, and offer transmissions of Healing Kundalini Energy.

People in San Diego can call 858.877.3219 or e-mail, and those in Los Angeles can call 866.YOGI.RAJ or e-mail Learn more about Yogiraj and see his full 2011 US Tour schedule at and at

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